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As local family owned business, We have proudly served over thousands of satisfied customers in Elk grove and surroundings. We stand behind our company name, and the way in which we serve our customers. All members of managment are family members, as we hold ourselves accountable for everything that we do. Being a small business allows us to focus directly on the ethics, professionalism, and performance of our company. We know that attention to detail and going the extra mile are what create satisfied repeat customers.
Garage Door Opener Elk Grove
Your homes garage doors have now become the most used ways to enter your home. Therefore, having a safe and properly operating door and garage door operator is essential. Garage door operators are designed as a convenience item. They are not designed for lifting the weight of your door. Your garage door springs are designed for this. If you have broken springs and run your garage door opener you will cause extensive and unnecessary damage.

The Garage Door Opener sounds like it works but nothing happens?

When this happens it's usually a stripped trolley (usually on a genie) or the internal plastic gears (Chamberlin, Sears Craftsman or Lift-Master). Sometimes it may be as simple as your garage door openers manual release being pulled down. So you might want to check and make sure its engaged first.

Garage Door does not go down all the way (comes down a little then goes up)?

It's usually the garage door safety beams make sure they are properly aligned. (Usually there will be a solid light on both beams if there is a good connection (some beams only have one indicator light)......make sure there is nothing in between them (like spider webs). Inspect the wiring leading up to the beam sometimes you can wiggle the wire and make the beam work again. Make sure that the door is not hitting anything on the way down

My door only opens a few inches then stops and is heavy when trying to lift it manually. What could be the problem? You probably have a broken spring (the large coil located on the top of the door on a bar) and this should be replaced. Another symptom of a broken spring is if you hear a very large bang and again, the door only opens a few inches. Garage door openers are not designed to lift the weight of an overhead door, the garage door springs are designed for this. Therefore, NEVER ever run your operator with a broken spring or damaged door as doing so will cause extensive damage to your electric operator.