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As local family owned business, We have proudly served over thousands of satisfied customers in Elk grove and surroundings. We stand behind our company name, and the way in which we serve our customers. All members of managment are family members, as we hold ourselves accountable for everything that we do. Being a small business allows us to focus directly on the ethics, professionalism, and performance of our company. We know that attention to detail and going the extra mile are what create satisfied repeat customers.
Garage Door Cable Wheels Grove
Your garage door consists of a number of parts that all need to be in good shape in order for your garage door to continue working properly. Otherwise, you might find that your garage door breaks down a lot more often or even has to be replaced. Fortunately, keeping the moving parts maintained or replacing them as needed can help resolve a lot of common garage doorproblems.

Cables: The cables are another important area to keep an eye on. They attach to the garage door and assist in raising and lowering it. Typically, the cables are braided steel which will last for many years, but it is possible for them to get kinked or frayed over time, causing a garage door breakdown.

Rollers: The rollers attach to the sides of the door and allow it to roll up and down on the tracks. However, if the rollers aren't kept in good shape - they can break down or wear out over time and cause the garage door to break down if the rollers get jammed or aren't operating smoothly.

Tracks: The tracks allow the garage door to move up and down by means of rollers that fit into them. Keeping the tracks lubricated and free of debris as well as dents is particularly important, otherwise the garage door could potentially come off thetracks.